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Cantwell HS & Sacred Heart of Mary RetroUnion

Steven's Steakhouse w/ ACE & Cold Duck

Steven's w/ ACE & Cannibal & the Headhunters

Maggie's Pub Christmas Party

Zendejas Party - San Dimas

Maggie's Pub Christmas Party

Garfield 50th Reunion Class of 72'-75'

ACE Rocks the Alhambra/San Gabriel Elks

Salesian Rock N Roll Show 2022

ACE @ Montebello CC

Concert in the Park - So. El Monte

Concert in the Park - Marine Stadium, Long Beach

Elks W Covina Halloween Party 10/30 2021

Maggie's Pub Oct.8th 2021

West Covina Elks Valentines dance

ACE rocks Marine Stadium-Long Beach

Aug. 14th Salesian HS Alumni

ACE TIERRA MALO 2 The Canyon 8/5/2021

July 29th CIP Irwindale

Maggies Pub June 25th_2021

ACE & Cold Duck -Carpool Jam & Concert

Friends of Father Murphy (Salesian HS Alumni)

Gene Chavez joins ACE @ Maggie's Pub

Zendeja's Chino Hills now AMIGOS Cantina & Grill

ACE rocks Zendeja's, Chino Hills

Nov. 5th - the IV Lounge, Norwalk

Oct. 29 Halloween Party @ Maggie's Pub

EXODUS @Teenage Fair 1968

ACE rocks So. El Monte Concert in the Park

ACE performs for Sacred Heart of Jesus Alumni

ACE performs 4th of July-Westwind Park, Ontario

Committee of Old Friends

ACE appearance at the IV Lounge

Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary RetroUnion Dance

ACE returns to Maggie's Pub 8/4

ACE rocks Maggie's Pub

ACE-Tony Zendejas B-Day Party 5/16/2015

Leanard De Leon Retires>35 years LAPD

LOS LOBOS Car Clubs 60th Anniv. Celebration Jan, 2015

W.C. Elks annual Halloween bash Oct. 31st 2015

ACE-DUCK PRODUCTIONS presents April 6th

ACE-New Years Eve 2013-2014

ACE rocks the W. Covina Elks Aug.8th 2015

Maggies NYE 2014_15

MAGGIE'S PUB New Years Eve .2012-13

ACE & TIERRA @ Quiet Canon, Montebello Aug. 24, 2012

Thee Midniters & 'ACE' @ Taste of Texas 7/7/2012

ACE appearance @ the I V Lounge - Norwalk

Salesian Rock&Roll show March 9th, 2013

ACE @ Club Carnival Opening - Pomona

ACE & GROUPE Car Club Celebrate 40 Years

Taste of Texas- Old School dance & show

Little Joe Y La Familia & ACE 2012

Our annual ACE party at Maggie's Pub N.Y.E.

Cantwell HS Homecoming Dance


Sacred Heart of Mary

ACE-San Gabriel Mission Fiesta

IMPERIAL'S Car Club summer 1977

ACE returns to the IV Lounge

International Club w/ Willie G. Midniters, Sly Slick & Wicke

ACE at the LA Convention Center

Hoilday Inn W Tierra 1976

Imperials Car Club - Latin American Press Club 1975

W/Joe Bataan & Ralfi Pagan

CSU Northrige Mecha-1974

GROUPE Car Club 50th celebration

Salesian dances for $2. admission (6 bands)

Pioneer Promoter Robert Torres - Latin American Press Club

Gig w/ Cold Sweat where ACE recruited Steve Chacon in 73'

ACE sells out Blarney's Castle, Hollywood 1974

Salesian R&R Show @ Pasadena Civic w/El Chicano & ACE

Salesian HS- feat. ACE & TIERRA plus mundo, the mob, grease,

LA Hilton LA Dances w/ Sly Slick, & Wicked, Cornerstone 75'

Pasadena Civic w/ Willie G. & Midniters, Bobby Z & Cold Duc

Zendejas Party - San Dimas

"ACE" steals the show at E.L.A. Battle of the Bands 75'

Cathedral HS 1977

ACE "Sold out" all Roger Young events 1974-1978

Cathedral HS 1974

Cantwell HS Dance 1973

PCC - Pasadena w/ Poverty Train & Maseva 1974

New Years Eve @ Holiday Inn Downtown LA w/Tierra 77'

Bishop Conaty HS 1972 w/ Rice & Beans

ACE & Lil RAY sell out Pasadena Civic 2005

ACE Monte Carlos car club flyer 1979

Bachelors Car Club LTD

Bachelors Car Club LTD

ACE TRUCKIN CO w/Best of Friends packed the Glendale Civic A

ACE rocks the Hollywood Palladium - promoter Joe (the Commis

Montebello C.C. 1975 for $200.? (hottest bands in town)

Vern Aud. w/ Changing Times and EKO-1975

ACE - Queenmary w/ Astro Rhythem, We the People, Barkada

ACE packs the Roger Young 1975

ACE drew huge crowds to the Roger Young dances -1974

ACE rocks St. Peters Hall (pic of this in photos)

Holiday Inn 1974

SOLD OUT! after ACE & Cornerstone's apprearance at 1975 "ELA

Salesian Alumni @ Pasadena Civic w/ Willie G, - Down w 3 - Y

The GoldenWest , Norwalk w/REDBONE (replaced SAPO), & We The

ACE wins Battle of the Bands @ ELA LOW RIDER Happening

Techniques Dance Jan.1974 @ The Spanish Hall, ELA

New Years Eve 1978 - International Club

Salesian class of 76'

Salesian combines the 2 best L.A. horn bands

Maggie's Pub New Years Eve 2010

ACE @ the Holiday Inn/ LA

Pasadena Civic 2004-ACE, Wiliie G/ Thee Midniters, Bobby Z,,

Loretto HS Dances 73'

Roger Young Auditorium

ACE @ Romona Convent HS 1973 (hand made posters)

Biltmoe- hottest LA horn bands - ACE, Barkada, We the People


Promoter "Tony Lopez" used ACE to draw huge crowds to Roger

Group Dance @ The International Club 1977

Bonnie Rae-El Monte w/ We the People, Cornerstone, Spot Ligh

Carli Cruz Scholarship Fundraiser @ Stevens Steakhouse

New Years 1979 w/El Chicano & Mary Wells-Alexandra Hotel

Sacred Heart Dances

Cantwell HS Homecoming 1976

St Paddy's- Maggie's Pub 2007


Jericho's Mile-Claremont

Maggie's Pub New Years Eve 2003

Cathedral HS Alumni


Groupe Car Club dances filled St. Peters Hall 1974

Maggies Pub 2001

1998-2003 Twin Palms gigs Pasadena, Fashion Island, and Vale

ACE CD label

ACE CD label

Exodus Business Card

L.A. County Sheriffs 999 for Kids

Jamal evolved into Ace Trucking Company

Ace Trucking Company

Puente Hills Hop Calendar 93'

ACE 30th Card


Groupe dances @ the Biltmore w/ hottest bands in LA

ACE rocks Salesian Rock & Roll Show 2014

ACE profile 2001


ACE- Pasadena Civic w/ El Chicano, Soto, Blue Satans, Power

ACE & Tierra NYE @ Holiday Inn LA


Salesian Rock N Roll show 2004

Monte Carlo's Car Club dance -Palacio 1979

Latin American Press Club NYE

ACE @ Cathedral HS, Phantom Reunion

ACE packs the Vern Auditorium 1975 w/ Delgado Bros. & De Nad

Below are current locations to see ACE today?

Come join us in 2015 at the IV Lounge

Come join us in 2015 at Zendeja's

Come join us in 2015 at 3Vino's

Come join us in 2015 at Maggie's Pub

AMIGOS Cantina & Grill (formerly Zendeja's)






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