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In the 1960’s….ACE
The Jimmy & Bobby ACE performed in a lip-synch act in the 6th grade that led to joining the Salesian music program under the direction of Bill Taggart at 11 years old. The 1st rock & soul band came from a garage in El Sereno called EXODUS and performed at the “Teen Age Fair”. They practiced everyday and built a following from parties in ELA, school fiestas, park concerts, teen dances and won 3rd place at the Alhambra Moonlight Sale “battle of the bands” in the summer of 1967.


In 1970…  EXODUS transitioned into the new Latin Rock sound of “JAMAL”, and eventually added a full horn section to keep current with the new sounds of Sly & the Family Stone, Chicago Transit Authority, Tower of Power, Malo, Santana, James Brown, Buddy Miles and others. This powerful new sound led to “ACE TRUCKING COMPANY” and the day-glow orange business card you still see today was born. 


Jimmy Ace left his guitar behind after the West Covina “battle of the bands” competition in 1972. During their performance, he took his guitar off during a classic James Brown song to do his “hip hop” dance moves and the crowd cheered them on to win 1st place.  This started the exciting dance steps and fun ACE created on stage for the next 40 years.  Later the next year, sax man Steve Chacon joined, Green’s alto sax player Charles Fowlkes, and Steve Smith on trumpet to add more choreography and the rest is history.
After winning 5 “Battle of the Bands” in the early 70’s, the fans cheered….“A C E”, hence shortened the name in 1973. They introduced cover tunes and packed the dance floor starting with every Catholic High School in ELA and LA County. This immediately spread to over 80 other public high schools/colleges in LA/Orange County, San Fernando/ San Gabriel Valley areas.

ACE started to draw huge crowds to dances that were only advertised by the posters placed on telephone poles everywhere. By then, LA promoters used ACE to sell out dances every weekend.

Fans have migrated around the country over the years and now emailing pictures from many memorable performances: 1973 E.L.A. “battle of the bands” at The Kennedy Hall, then in 1975 at E.L.A. College for the Salesian Rock and Roll Show, The Roger Young Auditorium dances with Ralfi Pagan/ Joe Bataan, Latin American Press Club with Tito Puente, The International club with Buddy Miles, Palladium with Hughes Corporation, Holiday Inn with Thee Midniters, L.A. Convention Center with El Chicano and Malo, Golden West Ballroom with Redbone, Low-rider Car Club shows at Commerce Great Western Exhibit with War,  & many ELA gigs with Tierra when admission was $2.- $3.

LA nightclubs started using ACE to draw their maturing fans. When Disco music arrived, they immediately learned all the most popular hits and played them at the IVANHOE in Temple City. ACE fans lined up around the block every Sunday night from 1975-1979.

In the 80’s…  ACE continued to change their tunes to survive the wacky sounds of the 80’s and booked hundreds of weddings, Proms, corporate events, 84’ Olympic celebration with Lionel Ritchie, Jerry Buss’ L.A. Lakers celebrity parties at the Pick-fair Mansion, ACE Awards with Billy Crystal’s celebrity party at the Wiltern Theater, & Grammy parties in Hollywood etc…


In the 90’s…  ACE started to open up many night club appearances for their reunion fans to get their dancing fix. This included two separate “Hop” clubs and three “Twin Palms” restaurants to rotate weekly. Also appearing in Disneyland, The Queen Mary, Anaheim Hilton, and started their marathon of High School 10th and 20th Reunions  

In 2000 New Millennium  ACE performed weekends in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and many corporate fundraisers and conventions at the LA/Orange Co. Hotels, Pechanga, and continued weddings, 30th H.S. reunions, concerts in the parks, 50th B-Day parties, and started appearances at Jericho’s mile and Maggie’s Pub

Thanks for Celebrating with us and keeping this special act together for 40 years gathering fans at now over 2,000 performances.

This would not be possible without their dedicated fans and the outstanding commitment of core musicians that make ACE so much fun and always an exciting show. Congratulations to these talented performers: Jimmy “ACE” Tullio (vocals), Bobby “ACE” Tullio Guitar/ vocals, Bob Rios on the funky Bass, Steve Chacon on Sax/ vocals/ and choreography, Miguel (Migs) Ronquillo on Trumpet & Keys, Eric Weeks on the Drums, and David Flores covering all Keyboards/ vocals.





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