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Westwind Park Ontario, July 4th 2017

ACE on fire the 4th of July

ACE rocks AMIGO'S - Chino Hills

ACE rocks Wilson HS 40th Reunion

ACE -City of Hope Event, Hyatt Huntington Beach

ACE @ The Sands, Las Vegas 1975

weddding @ the NOOR Pasadena

Garfield HS 40th Reunion

S.G. Mission Fiesta 2018

DAVID SOTO JR. joins ACE as our secret weapon

the ACE band

Los Lobos party 2020-Roman Rios & family

Annual Los Lobos gig 2020

the Canyon- Santa Clarita

the ACE band Dec.2022

current 2021 photo 2

current 2021 photo

Merry Christmas 2016 from Maggie's Pub

City of Hope Gala 2016

2nd Annual Halloween Bash

Halloween Bash 2016

Wishing you a Merry Christmas From Maggie's Pub!

Bobby ACE 4th of July 2016

Cantwell - Sacred Heart of Mary Retrounion

The Commishioner Joe Sandoval Is STILL n dA hOUse!

ACE Wedding TALEGA Country Club, San Clemente

Happy New Years from Maggie's Pub 12/31/2015

City of Hope Harvest Ball Gala 2012- Hyatt Regency Century C

Jimmy Ace about to take the stage in Century City

SHOWTIME... Put yo hands in da air like u don't care!

Union Conf. at Wyndham Hotel San Diego

Sal Rodriguez (drummer for WAR) joins ACE 3/15/2014

Our 1st 60's rock n' soul band EXODUS

Joe Bataan & Jimmy ACE reunite-1975 sold out the Roger Young

Westwind Park Concert/Fireworks 4th of July 2015

Marc & Ann Marie Johnson wedding-Pasadena

Richards 70th party Zendejas Chino Hills

new pic black background

the ACE band Dec.2022

ACE shares a 40th Anniversary with GROUPE car club

Conga line get crowd cheering at Cathedral Gala

RIP Steve Price (Trombone) - Montebello CC March 1977

David & Darlene wedd 4/18/15 ..now official ACE fans

ACE takes the stage-San Clemente Linares Wedd.

Jimmy ACE opens up the Cathedral Alumni Gala

Mickey Lespron (El Chicano) joins us - St Josephs Fiesta

Love being on stage w/ these Trumpets

ACE Practice 1976 in E.L.A. at Felix's Garage

Our Lady of the Assumption - Fiesta 2011

Bobby @ Ontario Concert 7/4/01


Showtime on the 4th of July 2012

ACE on fire @ TALEGA Country Club 11/2014

2011 NYE at Maggie's Pub

Jimmy Ace dances to victory 1972 Battle of the bands

Longo Family 60th Anniversary party 6/23/12

Jimmy- Cathedral HS Alumni Gala-Dodger Stadium

Migs can still do the James Brown

ACE TRUCKIN' CO @ Disneyland

2012 Harvest Ball breaks City of Hope's donation record

Taste of Texas w/ Cesar Rosas (Los Lobos)

ACE rocks the annual S.G. Mission Fiesta 2013

July 4th 2014 - Westwind Park, Ontatrio performs for 20,000+

Friends & Good Times always w/ ACE (Tony Banda)

ACE fans pack 3 Vinos Lounge 2014

Special Thanks to our Lifetime ACE fans... Mona and Gina

Cantwell - Sacred Heart of Mary Retrounion

Migs making it funky

DJ "Earthquake Steve" Perez 1975 @ The Ivanhoe, Temple City

Migs 2016 @ IV Lounge

Steve Chacon turning it up and packing the dance floor

1976 pic used for LA dance promoters

On Marquee @ Century City Plaza Hotel 1998

Bobby ACE rockin' the Pomona Valley Mining Co.

Sacred Heart HS - 30th Reunion

1978 GROUP Car Club dance at St. Peters, LA

1975 ELA Battle of the Bands

1977 El Rancho HS

Bob Rios on Bass since 1972

Jeff Lewis-Trumpet (Lifetime ACE Alumni) joins Steve & Ray

July 4th 2012 @ Westwind Park , Ontario

last ACE party as they closed the "Puente Hills Hop"

Our original "ACE" drummer from 1972 Damien Ogas

ACE & SOTO Brothers- San Gabriel Mission Fiesta 2013

"ACE rocking those "Concerts in the Park"

Jimmy Ace pmpin' @ the Halloween Bash 16'

Miguel sings on the Mr Duran Show- live

Migs -Yr Still a Young Man

1981 - Disneyland

Jimmy @ Luminarius - Wedding 2005

1972 Our Lady of Loretto HS Dance

Our ACE fans are the best (Anna Garcia sandwich:-)

1993 Bobby Ace - Puente Hills Hop

1979 N.Y.E. gig Biltmore Hotel LA - Disco Fever

ACE fans join in on stage at Cathedral Gala 2012

Exodus - Peace 1968 (Rock & Soul roots in El Sereno))

2011 at SASH Bar & Lounge - Ray Santillan-Trombone

Mr. Duran show

"Taste of Texas" Backstage party

Steve Chacon on sax

Stevie gets the party started early at Dosger Stadium

ACE's best for 30 years.....the solid beat of Eric Weeks

Rudy Rosas on keys tearing it up!

Rudy working out on the keyboard....

Cheers to a great gig!!

Stevie gettin' funky as we closed the Puente Hills Hop

Last party at the Puente Hill Hop Closing

Cathedral HS Alumni Gala-Dodger Stadium 2012

1968 Exodus Malibu Beach

Miguel, Steve, Cesar & Ray tuning up backstage @ Taste of Te

31 years later ACE returns to Garibaldina Hall, LA

Longo Family 60th Anniversary party 6/23/12

Miguel playing his best at Dodger Stadium 8/18/2012

Erics dream kit 2001

Lifetime member Bobby Rios on his funky-funky Bass

"ACE" & "TIERRA" Bros. Honored @ Pasadena Civic

Jimmy on his Fender guitar 1969 at Beach Party

Cathedral's best-Sam Ferrandino & his El Sereno brothers

1966 Students of the Month-Johnny Thompson's

1995 - Stevie gets the dance moves going - Puente Hills Hop

ACE is in da House & the dance floor's rockin

Montebello - Concert in the Park

LAPD Christmas Party

ACE rocks Maggie's Pub 12-31-2010

The Puente Hills Hop 1993

Leon Gardia covering ACE vocals/ congas/ percussions

1972 1st Place- West Covina Battle of the Bands

1976 Inside The Ivanhoe-Temple City

1970 Latin Rock sounds of JAMAL

Gala @ Double Tree Hotel - Ontario

Sound tech Brent Richards at Maggie's Pub

Dancin' & Singin' on Thee Mr Duran Show 'Live'

2010 Jimmy @ Pamona Valley Hospital Gala- Dbl Tree -Ontario

Mr.Duran Show

1973 ACE Sacred Heart

1966 Band Practice

1968 Exodus gig

1968 EXODUS Paradise

1971 Santa Monica gig

1972 ACE Bishop Conaty

1972 JimmyAce pencil

1973 ACE Redondo Luau

1977 Jimmy Ivanhoe

1998 October 10th theACEband

12/31/2008 Bob, Arlene & Jim

Eric Weeks





Bobby Ace 1973

Bob - Jim - Steve


Jim carried in the Ivanhoe

Jimmy & Bobby_backstage


MIGUEL N.Y.E.1983 at St Anthony's Chruch

Ronny Vintage

Ronon 7-4-02

Tullio Bros still Rockin - ACE

Rockin' SASH Bar & Lounge 2011



1995 Puente Hills Hop


New Years Eve at St. Anthony's



March 1972 Ace Truckin' Company

Exodus 1968 make news @ Alhambra Moonlight Sale Battle of th

Felix Reyes on Hammond @ ELA Battle of the Bands 75'

The Ivanhoe - Temple City


Now thats one huge Disco Ball


Our Lady of Loretto HS 30th Reunion 2005


Salesian Rock & Roll 2004-setting up our booth

#1 son James working the ACE booth at Pasadena Civic Aud. w


Cathedral HS dance 1982


Porter Ranch C.C.

Rocking SASH bar and lounge





Rockin club "SASH" at the Guest House Inn


Ray Santillan on Trombone/ Percussions


Richard Donnelly's 70th Party -Glendora 2011


Steve Chacon on sax/vocals

Practice at Steve's Garage in So. El Monte 1974

don't forget our roots...ACE TRUCKIN' CO.

Pomona Valley Hospital Gala- Feb 2009

ACE Dancin' thru Maggie's Pub 3/2010

Mr Duran party's w/ ACE @ Salesian Gig- Pasadena Civic

Bob Rios N.Y.E.1983 @ St. Anthony's Church

Bobby ACE leads Cathedral Phantoms Gala 8/2012

Band practice in our bedroom-Summer of 1967

theACEband @Strawberry Farms Orange County

ACE gets the Gracia Fam Wedding started

Miguel 2001 Westwind Park

Time to get the funky dance moves out guys!

Who's out there?- Maggie's Pub 2010

Ray takes his trombone solo at Dodger Stadium

BobbyACE @ "The Hop" 1996

New Otani Hotel LA -Wedding 1985

Miguel - Police & Firefighters Olympics-Santa Clarita

ACE anniversary at IV Lounge - Norwalk

Miguel adds his secret sauce at Westwind Park

Larry Sanchez (the LA MOB) and the Bros

Eric's Dream KIt

ACE even fits in a Snow Globe? 1-30-2010

Happy New Years 2000 - Twin Palms Pasadena

1976 Promo shot used at the Ivanhoe Club

Bobby ACE - Wedd. @ Biltmore Hotel 1986




Steve & Bobby @ practice in So. El Monte 1974

Bob Rios & Miguel 1986

Halloween Haunt on the Queen Mary

El Ranch HS Homecoming dance 1977

Salesian Reunion w/ Litttle Willie G

Rudy Rosas (Rude Dog) on Keys

Eric Weeks on Drums


Halloween @ Brandi's Montebello 1982

1976 ACE Toasting the Bride & Groom

Closing Dodger Statium with lifetime fan Gina on stage

The "ACE" Bros celebrate their B-Day @ Maggie's Pub

Our lifetime Friend and drum sub Herman Flores






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